Street Level Map

Street Level

Location # Artist Name Artwork Name
1 Kay Healy Coming Home (Bathroom), Coming Home (Dining Room), Coming Home (Kitchen), Coming Home (Living Room)
2 Arden Bendler Browning Interim
3A Bogdan Grom Benjamin Franklin Bridge, City Hall
3B Bogdan Grom Elfreth's Alley, Logan Circle Fountain
4 Astrid Bowlby That Music Always Round Me
5 Jesse Engaard Thalia
6 David Moscinski 2016 Mayor's Masked Ball Mask
7 Rosalyn Richards Footprints
8 Frank DePietro Water Lilies Triptych
9 Donna Backues Volcanoscape I-IV
10 Joan Wadleigh Curran White Fence
11 Ken Kewley Studio Painting #4, Studio Painting #6
12 Michael Bartmann Vanishing Points
13 Bradley Schmehl Magic Hour, Once Mighty, Playing for Coppers
14 Cynthia Back Schuylkill Reflections #2, Under the Boardwalk #3, Under the Boardwalk #7
15 Steven Ford Untitled (SF120925A)
16 Stuart Rome H12-3-15, Bluto, H13-PC1-6, Prairie Creek, HNW10-3-1
17 Sarah Kaufman Devil's Pool Diptych #1, Devil's Pool Diptych #4, Devil's Pool Stone Tree
18 Jase Clark Accumulated Descent, Ascension
19 Nancy Agati Portico Series: Basques, Portico Series: Metric II, Portico Series: Volo III
20A Anna Kell Johnson City Bouquet
20B Anna Kell Blue on Red Hothouse, Red on Blue Hothouse
21 Cynthia Hron AP #47, AP #66, AP #107
22A Murray Dessner For Tomorrow
22B Murray Dessner Decades
23 Jesse Gardner Beyond Onion Flats, Monuments, Near Joe Hand
24 Catherine Jansen Morning Birds
25 Angela Fraleigh You Weren’t Haunted Those Two Days You Were Filled With Light
26 Elizabeth Wilson Memorial Day Picnic
27 Alexis Granwell And So Forth (Upward Fold)
28 Berrisford Boothe It's Meaning and It's Language, A Process of Change
29 Tony Ward House of Prayer: Portrait #1, House of Prayer: Portrait #2, House of Prayer: Portrait #3, House of Prayer: Portrait #4
30 Sarah McRae Morton First Flight, The Suspension of Disbelief
31 Scott Noel Awaiting the Convention Center, Expanding the Convention Center
32A Melissa Conroy Forever Forest 5
32B Melissa Conroy Forever Forest 2
33 Eric Hall Expressway
34 Virginia Bradley Ascension
35 Charles Cushing A Tradition of Service: the Pennsylvania Convention Center
36 Charles Burwell Purple Vista
37 Anna Bogatin Independence Hall (day), Independence Hall (night), Philadelphia City Hall (afternoon)
38 Mark Workman River Rhythms
39A Margery Amdur Amass #9
39B Margery Amdur Amass #18
40 Christine Welch Liverpool, PA 2010, Liverpool, PA 2011, New Buffalo, PA 2011
41 Lauren Braun Alphabet City, Untitled #6, Untitled #7
42 Omid Shekari Meeting
43 Nick Cassway Adele's Birthday, The Plank, Takin' A Ride
44 Shelly Lependorf Glyph I, Glyph II, Shirokuro XXVII, Shirokuro XXVIII
45 Nicole Donnelly Loss of Promise I, Loss of Promise II
46 Michelle Angela Ortiz El Niño Consentido, Llena de Luz y Lucha, Madre de Mi Corazón
47 Phoebe Adams Natural History
48 Frank Hyder Shaman Memento-Indigo
49 Sydney Carpenter Inner Workings
50 Ralfka Gonzalez El Gran Conjunto del Fin del Mundo
51 Paula Winokur Earth Shift
52 Lily Yeh Joy
53 Judith Shea No More Monument
54 Rudolf Staffel Light Gatherer Vessel, Vase
55 Brian Meunier Angel: Wings for Fra Laurenco de Gusmão
56 Bruce Pollock Volvox
57 Steven Beyer Untitled (black granite), Untitled (white marble)
58 Eileen Neff Something About Mythology
59 Charles Searles Running Bird
60 Bhakti Ziek Wheel of Life: Three Generations
62 Charles Fahlen Bozo
63 Thomas Chimes Alfred Jarry
64 Bo Bartlett Study for Delivering the Goods
65 David Hopkins Farm Pond, Orange Fading to Red
66 Gilberto Wilson The Gap, Heroines: Michelle, Statia's Memories
67 Alvin "Al" Loving The Day Before
68 Joyce Mansfield Bahama Mama, Gathered in His Name, Kumbayah
69 Michael Olszewski Attempting Courage
70 Stephen Talasnik Ideal City, Unreasonable Means of Support
71 Roswell Weidner Lacy Grasses, Reflections
72 Edith Neff After the Rain, Dusk, House in Kensington
77 Isaiah Zagar Evolution
78 John Scott Five Rings for Philly Joe

 Concourse Level Map

Concourse Level

Location # Artist Name Artwork Name
80 Jill Bonovitz Teres Vase Series: Green, Gray, and Pink
82 Jack Larimore Gathering Chair (East & West)
83 David Lebe Scribble #15, Scribble #19, Scribble #23
84 William Earle Williams 5th New York Monument, Bushman Woods, 8th Cavalry, Pennsylvania, Hummelbaugh Field, Brian Barn, Highwater Mark, Peach Tree Orchard
85 David Wells 30th Street Station, Pillars, Train Tracks, Vertical Windows
86 Don Camp Untitled #1 (John Allen), Untitled #2 (First Brother), Untitled #3 (Dr. William Roberts), Untitled #4 (John "Bo Jack" Magnum)
87 Judy Pfaff Cirque, CIRQUE
88 Norinne Betjemann As Above, Lair, Well
89 David Graham Crashed Car, Disassembling 707, Mayflower, Seemsville, PA
90 Stuart Rome Land Suite Series I, Land Suite Series II, Land Suite Series III, Land Suite Series IV
91 Susan Fenton Figure with Bamboo Root and Pole, Figure with Folded Hood, Figure with Folded Paper, Figure with Pediment
92 Karla Trinkley Stone Rosette
93 William Daley Chiclet Squared
95 Toshiko Takaezu Vessels
96 Michael Hurwitz Plant Stands with Mosaic Tops and Bronze Vessels
97 Joyce Scott Spanish Saint
98 Vaughn Stubbs Lizard Box
99 Robert Winokur Low Table with Vase
100 Connie Lloveras Waltz
101 Atticus Adams Wallflora
102 Gregory Coates Four Times Three Equals One (Philadelphia Variation)
103 Paul Santoleri Bramble
104 Nicholas Kripal Swarm: Reconfigured No. 2
105 Jimmy Clark Morandi, Ode to a Grecian Urn
106 Nancy Carman Drift, Possible Moons
107 Diane Burko Antarctica Quartet
108 Paul Cava Curtains 2C, Window 477, Window (Summer 472), Window (Summer 475), Window (Winter)
109 Ron Donoughe Essence of Pittsburgh
110 Moe Brooker Amazing Grace
111 Dufala Brothers (Billy & Steven) Fresh
113 Daina Higgins A Day in Venice, For Sale, North Philly, South Philly
114 Chuck Johnson Bulldog, Elephant
115 Bradley Litwin The Large Sway of Public Opinion

 Terrace Level Map

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