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Rosalyn Richards

Photo Credit: Rachel Bee Porter

Rosalyn Richards

Lewisburg, PA

Rosalyn Richards

Footprints, Richards’ large drawing installation that the Pennsylvania Convention Center acquired, is made from multiple twelve-inch square ink drawings, and is constructed from a process in which new images are generated from variations on previous images.  The drawing process alternates between micro and macro views of nature utilizing repetition, accumulation, and fragments of perception, memory, shifting scales, and cross references.  The sequential readings lead viewers to reconsider how we see images in sections and the need to integrate or re-conceptualize how we perceive and take in visual information.  Although the installation suggests landscape due to the format and imagery, it is also intended to function metaphorically to suggest an inner world of mysterious forces and events, the beginning or ending of a process.

Gallery Photo Credit: Rachel Bee Porter

Fast Facts

Name: Rosalyn Richards


Place of Birth: Palo Alto, California

1969, BFA – Rhode Island School of Design
1975, MFA – Yale University School of Art

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
Lawrence Murray Heyman, RISD
Gabor Peterdi, Yale

Particular field of study or class work:
RISD – Painting & Printmaking
Yale – Printmaking & Drawing

Major influences/admired artists:
Gabor Peterdi
Vija Celmins
Michael Mazur
Terry Winters
William T. Wiley
Krishna Reddy
Richard Diebenkorn
Leonardo da Vinci
Agnes Martin
Morris Graves
Mark Tobey

Favorite materials or media:
Graphite on paper
Ink on paper
Acrylic paint on paper
Intaglio printmaking (etching, aquatint)

School or university affiliation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Professor of Art Emerita Bucknell University
Active as Faculty at Bucknell 1982-2014

Gallery Representation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Corners Gallery – Ithaca, New York
Warnock Fine Arts – Palm Springs, California
The Print Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robinson’s Rare Books and Fine Prints – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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