Four Times Three Equals One (Philadelphia Variation)

Four Times Three Equals One (Philadelphia Variation)
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Acrylic on Rubber Bicycle Innertubes and Pallet Wood

The title of this piece, Four Times Three Equals One (Philadelphia Variation), is a metaphor for society.  It is simple yet complex, in the sense that each individual in society is unique and yet we contribute to and are part of society (one).  The title of this work reflects on Coates’ higher desire for humanity.

Coates’ work is made of found material – rubber bicycle inntertubes and pallets found on the street.  Coates believes there is beauty to be found in everyday material and he likes to manipulate the material into a “second” life of beauty.  Having spent some time in South Africa where virtually everything is scavenged, used, and reapplied by everyone (both artists and non-artists), it is apparent to Coates that sustainability through material reuse should be equally important to us in America.  Coates appreciates and respects the humbleness in which his fellow African artists treat simple material with real reverence and took particular note of that when creating Four Times Three Equals One (Philadelphia Variation) for the Pennsylvania Convention Center.         

Commission made for the Pennsylvania Convention Center

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