Low Table with Vase

  • Low Table with Vase
Low Table with Vase
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Salt Glazed Stoneware

Robert Winokur's ceramic table is in evocative form, suggesting communal celebrations and ceremonial altars.  It also brings to mind the geologic table formations of the American Southwest, which the artist particularly admires. 

Acclaimed for its distinctive and expressive surface decoration, Winokur's work takes maximum advantage of the age-old technique of salt glazing.  In this process, salt is added to the kiln during firing, giving the piece a porous texture like an orange peel.  The artist enjoys this technique in part because it introduces an element of chance that affects his final product.  In Low Table with Vase, Winokur also achieves dramatic effects of color and texture by covering the surface with linear divisions, cruciform patterns, and precisely applied glazes.

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