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Orna Willis

Orna Willis

Philadelphia, PA

Orna Willis

Color is Orna Willis’ greatest fascination.  Design and architecture have always intrigued Willis and her use of geometric shapes is what she brings from that love.  Her work is meant to bring pleasure, first to the senses, then to the mind.  When the senses are stimulated, the mind will work all the better.  Her art is her story, told with a needle and hand dyed fibers.  The dance of Middle Eastern color with the structure of mathematics intrigue Willis.  She paints with her needle and tells the tale of tradition, history, and origin in a contemporary way.

Fast Facts

Name: Orna Willis


Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel

Haifa University, Associate Degree

Significant or special training:
Ongoing painting

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
Ofer Lellouche, painting mentor, studied privately with him in Tel Aviv

Particular field of study or class work:
Fiber art

Major influences/admired artists:
I am influenced by architecture and its place in the natural surroundings.
Chuck Close
Frank Gehry
Renzo Piano
Cayce Zaraglia
Faith Ringgold
Izziyana Suhaimi

Favorite materials or media:
Hand dyed threads

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