• Mayflower
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Dye Coupler Color Photograph

Photographer David Graham always seems to be in the right place at the right time to record the odd and the offbeat in our daily world.  In all four of his pictures owned by the Convention Center, he demonstrates his special eye for finding quirky situations whose components are out of scale or out of place. 

In Mayflower, we see a gigantic mural depicting the City Hall statue of Philadelphia’s Quaker founder, William Penn.  The actual mural is located about ten blocks from the Convention Center.  But, in this photograph of a mural of a statue of a person, how far are we from the reality of William Penn?  Looking at Graham‘s photograph, we also see how curious it is to find the monumental adventure of the original American colonists reflected in the name of a moving and storage company.

Fun oddities such as this are paramount in his other works: Crashed Car; Disassembling 707; and Seemsville, PA.

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