The Day Before

  • The Day Before
The Day Before
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Mixed Media

Nature can be an inspirational force for art, even if we see no realistic images in the finished work.  Al Loving's abstract composition, titled The Day Before, takes its cues from the natural world in both a literal and symbolic way.  Many people sense the blustery energy of a crisp autumn day in the work's vibrant tones and spiral patterns. 

In fact, the sequence of steps Loving uses to create his art parallels the natural life cycle of growth, decline, and rebirth.  First, the painter cover sheets of heavy paper with exuberantly brushed splashes of freewheeling color.  Next, he cuts up the painting with a pair of scissors, creating coiled and scrolled shapes.  Finally, he reassembles these pieces into a dynamic, sculptural composition - a transformation that embodies a renewal of life.

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