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Hardware, Latex, Medium Density Fiberboard

The archetypal sculpted shapes are reminiscent of and celebrate prehistoric plants, corals, birds and other organic forms.  There is a whimsical exuberance of color and shape that rhythmically fills and expands into the space with the feeling of a surreal landscape.  The shapes are born from imagination and are inspired by overwhelming beauty and the pulsing of life that one experiences when standing in a landscape or looking closely at a portion of the complexity that make up the systems that govern life on earth.

The title of this piece, Biophelia, was inspired by a hypothesis put forward by Edward O. Wilson and a term first used by Eric Fromm that simply translates as “Love of life or living systems.”  Wilson explains that humans evolved as creatures deeply enmeshed with the intricacies of nature, and that we still have this affinity with nature ingrained in our genotype.  Because we physically evolved together from the same simple life forms, humans still have an innate bond with other species and ecosystems on earth.

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