the artist

Margery Amdur

Margery Amdur

Philadelphia, PA

Margery Amdur

The works from the “Amass Series” are large-scale undulating three-dimensional wall constructions.  Each piece is comprised of thousands of sensuous and soft, hand-cut miniature units of sealed foam that have been embellished with ink, gouache, and pastel pigment.  They are suggestive of artifacts from nature such as coral reefs, rock formations, and crystals, as well as ceremonial and ornate body adornments.  In addition, they are inspired by images of densely populated urban landscapes viewed from an aerial perspective, which in turn reveals an inherent awareness of existing tensions between mother-nature and constructed-nature.

Fast Facts

Name: Margery Amdur


Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

BFA Carnegie – Mellon
MFA University of Wisconsin, Madison

Particular field of study or class work:
Painter, Mixed Media and installation Artist

Major influences/admired artists:
Eva Hesse, Louise Nevelson, Judy Pfaff, Elizabeth Murray, El Anutsui, Petah Coyne, Katarina Grosse, Fred Tomascelli, Mathew Ritchie, Nick Cave, Sheila Hicks, Ernesto, Ritchie

Favorite materials or media:
Everyday common materials, cosmetic sponges, aluminum window screen wire, aquarium tubing, Styrofoam, pastel pigment, glitter, water soluble paints, ink, gouache

School or university affiliation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Rutgers University

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