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Bradley Litwin

Bradley Litwin

Philadelphia, PA

Bradley Litwin

Litwin’s kinetic works are representative of a relatively modern development among sculptural forms, namely working machinery.  First examples of this were conceived by Marcel Duchamp, at the beginning of the 20th century, further explored by Alexander Calder, and others.  Intending to further acceptance of this discipline in the mainstream of fine art, Litwin’s practice is informed by a fascination with cognition and human perception.

Fast Facts

Name: Bradley Litwin

Website: ; ;

Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio

Central High School and the Parkway Program, Philadelphia, PA (GED 1973)
Philadelphia College of Art (UARTS), Evening Program – Foundation Studies 1974

Significant or special training:
A life-long and continuous process of self-education through immersion in a wide range of practical fields including: stringed-instrument making, industrial machinery design and engineering, automation and control systems, computer programming, museum exhibit design and fabrication, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, video production, audio production, multimedia and instructional design, performance art.

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
Bernard Harmon, Art Teacher at Central High School
Lester Dunklee, Proprietor
Dunklee Machine, Brattleboro, VT
Thomas Nicosia, Cabinetmaker, Philadelphia
Thomas McConneghy, Rigger, Philadelphia

Particular field of study or class work:
As an autodidact, my studies have ranged extensively, informing and infused by countless professional and amateur projects and relationships.  Areas that have captured the most intense study have been: physics and mechanics, three-dimensional realization, color theory, drawing and painting, composition, photography, animation, geometry, methods and history of manufacturing technology, science in general, human perception, medicine, anatomy, materials, music, creative writing, and cartooning.

Major influences/admired artists:
Rowland Emmett
Mort Drucker
Marcel DuChamp
Alexander Calder
Chris Fitch
Arthur Ganson
Jean Tinguely
Bernie Lubell
Gina Kamentsky
Jeff Leiberman
Colette Fu

Favorite materials or media:
Pen & ink

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