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Stoneware Tiles

Bramble is about the way we live.  Santoleri believes we must find a balance between our existence and the natural world, both within and without.  These tiles are images from observation of the nature on his walks back and forth to the Kohler factory in Wisconsin, where he made this piece.

The lines in Bramble are lines of a path, in every direction, the color is simple: black-and-white, like words in a book, something you can read.  In lines, we get lost and maybe found at the same time.

There is order within the squares: the pattern of the tiles, but there is a frenzy on the surface, there is a wildness about our nature, something we are inclined to subvert but it does come to the surface.  The line takes us down a path, of life, takes us down a path in the woods, takes us down into the depths of our understanding, existence, direction, chance, change.

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