Light Gatherer Vessel

  • Vase & Light Gatherer Vessel
  • Light Gatherer Vessel
Light Gatherer Vessel
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An internationally acclaimed craftsman, Rudolf Staffel has consistently pushed the limits of porcelain as a medium for studio ceramics.  Staffel approaches this fine yet uncooperative material without any preparatory drawings, building his forms by hand or shaping them on a potter's wheel.  Sometimes he combines both methods. 

In a near-magical process of transformation, porcelain can develop translucency when fired.  Staffel is a master at harnessing and exploiting the beauty of light that radiates from the interior of his vessels.  The fluid skin of Vase (top picture shown left) emits an even, gentle glow, while the complex surface of Light Gatherer Vessel (top picture shown right) releases both subdued illumination and intense horizontal swatches of light.

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