Shaman Memento-Indigo

  • Shaman Memento-Indigo
Shaman Memento-Indigo
NOTE: You do not have permission to copy/replicate/reproduce this image.
Acrylic on Carved Wood Panels (Birch) with Attached Elements

Peering into Frank Hyder's Shaman Memento-Indigo is like looking at a rain forest through a window: the raw strokes of wood seem like glints of sunlight, and the strata of paint simulate our layered perceptions in such a leafy environment. 

Hyder's images of shadowy faces framed by foliage were influenced by his long stays in Venezuela.  There, he was introduced to indigenous Indian cultures and to the mystery of the rain forest.  As visually exciting as these pictures are, it is the power of each face - oversized, brilliantly colored, and psychologically charged - that captures our attention.

The pieces in the Pennsylvania Convention Center collection were made in response to an Amazon residency in 1990.  They are the faces of a world about to disappear.

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