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Catherine Jansen

Catherine Jansen

Wyncote, PA

Catherine Jansen

Jansen has developed a photographic language (style of working) that takes many images from a single environment, from different points of view.  They are merged together to create an image that evokes the way a human visually, emotionally, and spiritually experiences a scene, in contrast to how the camera records a scene.  She invites the viewer into an alternative way of experiencing visual information, by presenting images without the influence of captions as filters, thus creating an opportunity to just be present with the information, and explore the personal alchemy that is created when we allow ourselves not to label or judge, but rather to simply be with whatever is or wherever we are.

Fast Facts

Name: Catherine Jansen

Website: ;

Place of Birth: New York, New York

BFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art
MFA, Tyler School of Art

Significant or special training:
Certificate at Academia di Belli Arti, Roma, Italy

Notable or memorable instructors or mentors:
William Larson

Particular field of study or class work:
Sculpture/Photography…State of the Art Technology

Major influences/admired artists:
Italian Renaissance
Indian Miniatures
All creative artists/life

Favorite materials or media:
State of the art technology in innovative contexts

School or university affiliation (when Convention Center acquired artwork):
Teacher at Arcadia University

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